Studio A*

This is the main studio and is perfect for larger shoots where you need the height and space. This space is capable of housing many different setups including blacked out back wall to emulate space, a purpose built set emulating a living room, a bedroom or anything your imagination can conceive.

Business hours hourly rate: £25

Business hours 8 hour day rate: £150 (£50 saving)

Out of hours hourly rate: £30

Out of hours 8 hour night rate: £180 (£60 saving)

  • 1260 Sq. Feet
  • Movable Greenscreen Wall
  • Set building available**
  • Ability to drive vehicles inside

*Studio hire includes the use of 3 studio lights (Redheads or LEDs)

** sets can be built at client request, POA

Additional equipment can be hired at additional cost

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