What we do

From Consultations to Editing to Filming and much more, our team are dedicated to helping you create whatever your imagination desires – without being bound by your budget. Some of our core services are:

Studio Hire

3 dedicated spaces – blank canvases for your creativity. Wanna fill that canvas? Our set builders can provide what you need.


We provide high quality photography, specializing in actor’s headshots, portfolio and live events. 


From weddings to live events, we have a range of videography options available to you.

Audio production

A dedicated sound booth with mixer and multiple microphones for vocal recording, podcasting, dubbing, whatever you are looking for. 


Writing, directing, producing, set design, editing, mixing, etc. Our team is here to help you get your idea from the page and into reality.

Creative Design

We also design logos, websites, posters, marketing material, whatever you need between print and social media. 

New Enterprise studios is one of the most supportive companies that I've ever had the pleasure of working. Not only do they provide so much value and wisdom for filmmakers & creatives across the North East, the NES team produce high quality work no matter what the project. They're easy to work with and great at keeping you updated on the progress of everything. Can't recommend enough!

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Samantha Castro-Leddy

New Enterprise Studios have been instrumental in supporting new and established creatives in the northeast, Henry Thompson as one of the founders of New Enterprise Studios has always been a reliable and consistent source of talent, skills and advice. Both New Enterprise Studios and Henry Thompson have been a significant contribution to the cultural impact on our region and I am grateful for the invaluable help they have offered and continue to offer to those who require their services.

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Stuart Hunter

Creator In the Frame

Henry and New Enterprise Studios embraced my journey from day one. Their unwavering support began before I had films on Amazon Prime or a shelf full of awards. Henry's welcoming spirit and keen eye for talent made me feel valued, and their guidance has been instrumental at every step. Henry's honesty and unfiltered feedback shaped the best versions of my films, ensuring a collaborative journey filled with success. Together, we've achieved milestones beyond my imagination.

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Aziz Altamimi

Director "Dinner with my family"

This company created an amazing video montage of photos for my daughters wedding. It totally captured the sentiment and is going to be an emotional highlight and surprise for the newlyweds. Can’t thank Henry and Dawn enough for creating this special memory. Would recommend them 100%!

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Phillipa Black

We hired New Enterprise Studios as a location for a recent two-day shoot which covered both film and photography. The flexibility of the space and the facilities were perfect for what we needed. We were able to build two sets within the space and operate using the offices as a wonderful Green Room for all our participants. Wayne and the team were on hand all the time for any help and assistance and the end result were ideal. Thanks guys - hope to see you again!

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Paul Morricone


New Enterprise are an amazing asset to the North East filmmaking community. They provided not just a studio space for shoots, meetings etc, but more than this- a team who would go above and beyond, weren't afraid to “lower” themselves and support the little guy, worked closely with the independent local film scene and more. Consistent not just in their services but also their communication and responses, business talk to the point but incredibly friendly as well. Good services on offer all around.

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Gabriel Brown

Director Terabithia Pictures

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