care for our community

New Enterprise Studios cic was incorporated in 2019 by a close team of freelancers and filmmakers with one goal: Support the North East Creative community. In 2020 we opened our Studio in Sunderland – one day before the second national lockdown.

Being unable to work with clients or on projects, during the winter months New Enterprise Studios acquired Awards for All funding from the Lottery to provide Tablets with custom how to videos and pre-installed accounts for most video calling apps. These were cleaned, maintained and delivered to care homes in the North on a rotation to help people keep in touch with these loved ones during the lockdown.

As rules became more relaxed toward the Summer of 2021, New Enterprise Studios was able to start focusing on creative endeavours more and helped support the first ever Newcastle International Film Festival with consultation and photography support. The team also hosted the first of several University speeches they delivered about the power of collaboration and supporting one another through artistic expression.

In October of 2021 the Mayor of Sunderland helped welcome us to the city with a full open day of events and guests and a local film screening. He gave a rousing speech and we could finally say the lockdowns were over at least!

In addition to producing several works for clients including Music videos, short films, commercials, showreels, photoshoots and more – New Enterprise Studios also hosted several podcasts and recording sessions including Dead Reel Films’ Movie Madness Podcast. The team also gave work experience and guidance to several freelancers and students from Northumbria and Newcastle Universities.

The team at New Enterprise Studios has always believed in supporting the local community and especially young people and students and has had an open-door policy to help whoever needs it. Many students have had consultations and support on their projects and dissertations, the team also attended the Northumbria University end of year film showcase and celebrations.

On many occasions we have been able to help give references for and support students to further their actual hands on work with other companies such as the BBC and North East Screen.

We’ve also given support, consultations, work experience and volunteer time to several organisations and supported or worked with several North East businesses and charities such as ATLAS Theatre Group, Beacon of Light, Beamish Museum, NE14TV, Unleashed Events, Creative Fuse North East, Felt Nowt, North East Ambition, North East Business Innovation Centre, The Northern Festival of Cinema, Sunderland Uni, Fulwell 73, Gamcare UK, Sunderland College, Heritage Lottery, Business Investment Team Sunderland Council, Sunderland Culture, Star and Shadow Cinema, England Illegal Money Lending Team, Foresight, North East Autism, North East Ambition, Sunderland Shorts, Northern Stage, Northern Studio, Northumbria Uni, Sunderland Software City, Tyne Coast College, Tyne Theatre Opera House, Viego Sunderland, Weights and Cakes to name but a few.

As all of our team suffers from invisible illnesses ourselves, we’ve always tried to support others as much as possible to help them express themselves and find escape or respite from their mental or physical issues. Something that is deeply important and personal to us.

We are continually hoping to keep progressing the Northeast forward and helping the talent here get the notice they deserve and helping everyone realise their dreams are not out of reach and each and every person has a voice and can and will be heard.

Here is a video created by Youth Employment Service North East about their experience with us.

As we support the Community, any additional support by the Community is always appreciated, thank you.

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