You’ve done 24 and 48 hour challenges. But you wanted more time to get it just right? How about 24 DAYS?!

Like most film challenges, this list includes a minimum of things your film must include – BUT – more points will be scored for putting in AS MANY AS YOU CAN and bonus points for how creatively they are integrated into your film. The films will also still be judged on story, creativity, editing, directing and overall presentation – so don’t just throw things in without consideration to how they fit.

With 24 days to complete the project, we encourage individuals and teams to work together and collaborate to create the best pictures they can.


  • Each film must be no longer than 10 minutes (including credits).
  • Any genre is accepted and can be up to an equivalent 15 rating.
  • Must be delivered in 1080p HD or higher – but can be filmed on anything including phones.
  • Must include our intro asset before the film begins (included in download pack)
  • Must Include at least the minimum requirements from the 120 check list below.
  • Be completed and sent to us at no later than June 1st
  • Pay a £5 admin fee to us via paypal (This includes your entry into our June 2022 film night)


  • All top films will be screened at our JUNE 11 2022 Film night at our Studios in Sunderland.
  • The team(s) who produce the winning film will receive two 8 hour sessions of full studio time (value: £550) AND an extra special one off deal of 25% off any services asked of New Enterprise Studios, including equipment hiring, etc.
  • The Audience in attendance on June 11th film night will ALSO pick a winner from the screenings and that winner will also receive two 8 hour sessions!
  • Filmmakers who enter may be asked to be interviewed for Dead Reel Films popular podcast MOVIE MADNESS.

The Requisites:

Selecting from the lists below, each Film must include:

minimum ONE phrase within the film title
minimum TWO lines of dialouge
minimum TWO items
minimum ONE shot
and at least ONE piece of music

Use the checklist included in our assets pack to keep yourself right.




Filmmaking is meant to be an escape.

Full of dreams, imagination, creativity and collaboration.

This challenge should force you to think outside the box. Get your friends or make new ones – pull them outside the box too. It’s nice outside the box. It’s freeing.

We can’t wait to see wat you come up with!

– New Enterprise Studios


Must include minimum ONE of these phrases within the film title:

    1. … In search of…
    2. … Alone in the…
    3. … Lost…
    4. … all over…
    5. … Chocolate factory…


Must include a minimum of TWO lines of dialogue to choose from:

  1. “There she/he blows”
  2. “Mash that potato”
  3. “Feet glorious feet”
  4. “Calm is what I want!”
  5. “Dark horse”
  6. “I just can’t get my head that far up my own butt”
  7. “Notice me!”
  8. “Just dust it off and it’ll be fine”
  9. “I blame Glenn”
  10. “Like the bible – but better!”
  11. “I came, I saw”
  12. “That is its home”
  13. “Gator chum”
  14. “The Citizen Kane of…”
  15. “Fubar”
  16. “Wouldn’t you know who won the pony?”
  17. “Spin me round sugar”
  18. “You take the high, I’ll take the low”
  19. “You might feel a little prick”
  20. “Most egregious”
  21. “You gotta get chilli in ya”
  22. “What is he/she/they playing at?”
  23. “So Morose”
  24. “What in God’s name?!”
  25. “In Disbelief”
  26. “Slap co.”
  27. “Wow, now that’s a big (BLANK)”
  28. “The word chalet”
  29. “Gotta fled”
  30. “And that will ruin your whole day”
  31. “Pooped”
  32. “Bucky beaver lookin’ mofo”
  33. “Sit doggy sit, good dog”
  34. “A great many number of things”
  35. “Check is in the mail”
  36. “Slander salamander”

Items/ Objects/ Animals/ People

Must include a minimum of TWO Items/objects/animals/people:

    1. An acoustic guitar
    2. A shark
    3. A sledge hammer
    4. A bicycle
    5. Bacon (cooked/uncooked, real or fake)
    6. A palm plant
    7. A bowl of baked beans
    8. Flip Flops
    9. A mirror
    10. A shotgun
    11. A Bottle opener
    12. Sunglasses/glasses
    13. A camera
    14. A horseshoe
    15. A dog
    16. A teddy bear
    17. A drill
    18. A lawn mower
    19. A clown
    20. A gold watch
    21. A fedora
    22. A whiteboard/chalkboard/corkboard
    23. A colander of spaghetti
    24. A hung portrait of a ship at sea
    25. Armor (of any kind)
    26. An ID card
    27. Vibrating speakers
    28. A film poster (bonus if the movie doesn’t exist)
    29. Push pins
    30. A religious text
    31. A backwards baseball cap
    32. A shiny balloon
    33. A golden ring
    34. A wrestler (in any form)
    35. A jack-o-lantern
    36. A severed digit

Shots/ Actions/ Sequences

Must include a minimum of ONE Shots/Actions/sequences:

    1. An upside-down shot
    2. An animated character or segment (hand animated/stop motion/CGI)
    3. Someone performing a push up
    4. Rain on a sunny day
    5. A cartwheel
    6. Running backwards (person/time/footage/sound)
    7. An internal shot (e.g. from inside a fridge looking out)
    8. Gargling
    9. An unexpected, unexplained fart
    10. An explosion (of something OTHER than fire/flames)
    11. A drone shot
    12. A split-diopter shot (can be faked in post)
    13. Spinning tires
    14. Mimicking playing air instruments
    15. An object breaking in slow motion
    16. A long zoom
    17. Waves crashing
    18. Turning a radio off/on
    19. Liquid coming out of someone’s nose
    20. A prism of light
    21. Splashing
    22. A forced perspective shot
    23. Moving shadows across an object
    24. A deliberate audio mistake (cat barking, dog meowing, etc)
    25. Clouds across the moon

MUSIC    Preview and download individual tracks below – Music include some part of at least ONE of these Music choices:

The boring stuff aka Rules

1. No person employed by New Enterprise Studios may enter the competition.

2. You can enter as many films as you choose, each entry will incure a £5 charge.

3. Judges decision is final for the competition.

4. The audience award will be voted on and presented during the Film night to be held on the 11th June 2022.

5. Prizes hold no monitary value and cannot be traded for phyiscal money.

6. Winners of the competition must use the prize awarded within 1 year of the competition winner being announced.

7. Additional services used by the winners during redemption of the prize are chargeable at the rates applicable at the time of use.

8. All work must be original content and must contain all relevant permissions both from actors and locations.

9. Extra value will be given to those films that have included the majority of the items listed from all four categories.

11. All films must be no longer than 10 minutes in length including credits.

12. Enjoy yourself.

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